Kera Botox Hair Elixir

Hair Volume Effect

Special Formulated Plant Extract cocktail (up to 7 plants extract), Vitamin complex, silk protein, cherry blossom extract, coconot oil and cinnamon oil will make natural keratine layer on your hair fibres. These nutrition helps increase hair volume &thickness also protects & moisturise to keep its softness naturally.

Anti Aging effect for hair

f you’ve noticed your hair becoming a little greyer and thinner, then our product will help you to eliminate this problem.  As we age, the number of follicles able to grow new hair declines and the diameter of hair fibres shrinks. Our product potentially leaving it feeling and looking even better than it did when you were younger.

Anti pollution effect

How Does Air Pollution Affect Your Hair? Because hair is often unprotected, it's very susceptible to air pollution damage. Soot, dirt, dust and gases can cause scalp irritation, dryness, breakage and even premature baldness.


All of these pollutants can cause harm when they settle on the scalp and hair, where they migrate into the dermis and through the hair follicle conduit.

This may lead to oxidative stress, excessive sebum production, dandruff, scalp irritation, damage to the hair cuticle, loss of shine or dullness – or even hair loss.

Easy Combing after washing your hair

Running a brush or comb too hard through your hair puts a lot of "physical stress on the hair fiber, and it can cause the cuticle to flake and strip away. Our special formulated hair Botox Keratine Treatment will help you to comb your hair easily while nanocrsytals protects and activated during your blow dry.