Kera Botox Hair Elixir

(4) Hair Thermal Colour Protection With UVA & UVB Filters To 200c / 392f

A nanocrystal, 500 times smaller than a human hair, is capable of changing the intensity, shape and color of light. Thanks to nanocrystals within the formula it is sealed with a flat iron at 200 c degrees / 392 f which traps moisture, prevent breakage, hydrates the hair shaft and creates a glossy finish. Results are immediately visible after the kerabotox hair elixir applied, hair looks healthy and youthful, easy to comb straight hair with full volume and

We all know how important to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays but never include our hair to this protection. Kerabotox hair elixir's lightweight UV defence nanocrystal form creates an invisible layer on your hair to activate and protect it from sun exposure. It contains uva and uvb filters derived from complex proteins and extracts that protect your hair from the drying effects of the sun. Your hair shaft is 80-90% protein, and the rest is moisture UV rays have the power to break down protein. The sun can change the tone of your hair, especially when it has been bleached. It also creates a non-soluble UV filter coats each strand, meaning you’re protected from the sun until your next wash day.

The innovative nanocrystals formula shields locks from every good-hair-day foe, including humidity and damage. Natural extracts build a weightless barrier between hair and heat and helps protect hair against the damage caused by heat-styling tools. With the nanocrystals thermal defense formula provides flexible hold during heat styling, quick-drying, humidity resistant formula adds elastic shape memory for effortless curls. Leaves hair soft and shiny.

(5) Incredible De-tangling Hair Straightening, Anti Static & Easy Combing

Running a brush or comb too hard through your hair puts a lot of "physical stress on the hair fiber. It can cause the cuticle to flake and strip away. Our elixir will help you to comb your hair easily while nanocrsytals protects and activated during your blow dry. Advanced process that transforms your hair to a straight, smooth shiny and glossy look. It straightens the hair without changing its texture, saturates your hair with a formaldehyde solution & lock your hair in a straight position.

BEFORE KeraBotox Hair Elixir AFTER KeraBotox Hair Elixir BEFORE KeraBotox Hair Elixir AFTER KeraBotox Hair Elixir

(6) Hair Feels Silky & Smooth Adds Body And Volume

Special formulated plant extract cocktail (up to 7 plants extract), vitamin complex, silk protein, cherry blossom extract, coconot oil and cinnamon oil will make natural keratine layer on your hair fibres. These nutrition helps increase hair volume & thickness also protects & moisturise to keep its softness naturally.

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