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KeraBotox Hair Elixir

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 If your hair are compromised as a result of colouring, heat styling and everyday wear and tear, KeraBotox Hair Elixir will strengthen and repair damage post-colouring, bleaching or heat styling rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair. Use as additional support inside your hair bleach or Toner leave-in, overnight treatment or as a 10-minute after-wash treatment before the blowdry and see the incredible results for yourself. 

Kerabotox hair Elixir

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Kerabotox Hair Elixir 
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Hydrolyzed Silk Protein strengthen and wrapping itself around the hair. Hyaluronic Acid to help for healthy scalp and increased hair growth. Nanocrystals activated by heat and protect hair from heat damage. 72 hours moisture, prevent breakage, hydrates the hair shaft and creates a glossy finish.

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KeraBotox Hair Elixir

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