Our Story

Funda Hocaoglu is the visionary behind the Charlize Loulou London KeraBotox product line. As with all modern professionals she prioritized her appearance, investing significantly in everything from her wardrobe to her hair and makeup. This led to many years of bleaching her hair a beautiful platinum blonde. As the years passed her once healthy and glossy hair became increasingly dull and frizzy, losing its natural gloss and shine. Even with daily use of salon styling and haircare products the damage became severe.

After a 2017 touch up, Funda’s hair began falling out. Her stylist suggested cutting her hair off to just a few inches in length and abandoning her beloved platinum. After crying for two full days at the heartbreaking thought of giving up her lovely locks Funda pulled it together and set out on a mission to reverse the damage. She invested £450 in a few products that promised to restore her hair. While the breakage stopped and her hair looked a bit healthier than before, it never returned to its natural health and shine.

Funda knew she wasn’t alone in her struggle, which is where her vision for KeraBotox began! She reached out to a husband and wife team of chemists who had been working in the hair, cosmetic, and beauty industry for over 20 years. She shared the struggle that she and countless women around the world are facing, and they spent the next year formulating the first chemical-free KeraBotox Hair treatment.

They turned to nature and used pure, hair-healthy extracts to nourish from root to tip—restoring hair and preventing further damage. Unlike most hair care solutions all KeraBotox products are free of chemicals that deliver short-term results but result in long term damage.

Rest assured that all our KeraBotox Treatment products are:

  • Formaldehyde-Free,
  • Sulfate-Free,
  • Paraben-Free,
  • Alcohol-Free,
  • Toxin-Free,
  • Sodium Chloride-Free,
  • No Coal Tar Ingredients
  • Aminophenol-Free,
  • Diaminobenzene-Free,
  • Phenylenediamine-Free,
  • Propylene Glycol-Free,
  • Imidazolidinyl Urea-Free, 
  • DMDM Hydantoin-Free.

The next step was testing product in a few London salons, instructing stylists to use KeraBotox only on clients whose hair was extremely dry, brittle, dull, and damaged—and heading in the same direction as Funda’s hair. The results were astounding!

While the initial goal was to measure the ability to reverse heat and colour damage, a surprise arose along the way. A client overhead a stylist explaining the unlabeled KeraBotox treatment to the woman sitting next to her. She returned to the salon the next day to ask if she could be part of the trial too. She had just started chemotherapy and wanted to see if our test elixir could help keep her hair healthy—and stop it from falling out. The salon reached out to Funda, who rushed a special shipment of 3 bottles. Funda wasn’t sure what would happen, but hair loss never occurred during the client’s chemo treatments. Now the KeraBotox treatment will be tested on over 100 patients at NHS who are just beginning their chemotherapy treatments. We will let you know the outcome!


Thank you very much.

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